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NMB48 – Warota People (17th Single)

Track Lists   CD Track List Warota People (ワロタピーポー) / Senbatsu Jibun no Iro (自分の色) / 2nd Generation (Type-A) Doko ka de Kiss wo (どこかでキスを) / Team N (Type-B) Hontou no Jibun no Kyokaisen (本当の自分の境界線) / Team M (Type-C) Futsuu no Mizu (普通の水) / Team BII (Type-D) Which one Warota …

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New PV Alert: NMB48 – Warota People

The 17th single release from NMB48 gets a promotional video in the form of “Warota People”. The tacky chic look of mismatched design figures strong in the PV with the members trying a wide variety of looks. NMB48 performs on a wide stage, wide enough to accommodate the participating members …

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