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Kamiyado – CONVERSATION FANCY (4th Single)

From Harajuku! 5-person idol unit · New single in Shinjuku! Major karaoke chain BIG ECHO “Party course” supporting song ■ 5-person group idol group continuing activities based on Harajuku since its formation in 2014 · Kabuki released a new single! ■ The title song “CONVERSATION FANCY” follows the previous single …

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New PV Alert: Kamiyado – Tough Love

Very seriously, Kamiyado come to us with the theme to the mental health / addiction campaign “Tough Love (タフ♡ラブ)” with a song of the same name. Formatted to fit cell phone screens, “Tough Love” frames each girl in their casual (but still cute!) wear. Kamiyado appear at odd angles, and …

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Kamiyado – HAPPY PARTY NIGHT (3rd Single)

Kamiyado profile image

From Harajuku! 5 people idol unit · Kamiyado The best partying songs in the history of Shikijuku are BIG ECHO “Party Course” image song Since its formation in 2014, he continued his activities based in Harajuku, and in December 2016 he was in ZeppDiverCityTOKYO Continue to expand support in the …

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New PV Alert: Kamiyado – Hoshizora kaerimichi

Less spastic than their also recently released “KMYD“, Kamiyado’s “Hoshizora kaerimichi” puts the members on a long walk home under a starry sky. Rather than their traditional bright and colorful outfits, the girls split their time in regular (stylishly coordinated) clothes and beautiful white dresses. The member shots are done …

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