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New PV Alert: Yamakatsu – Phenix

[note: this is an abbreviated New PV Alert due to scheduling conflicts. “Phenix” will be updated to include the author’s thoughts at a later date]           ABOUT YAMAKATSU Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen (山口活性学園) is an idol group based in Yamaguchi. Their name is abbreviated as Yamakatsu (山活(やまかつ)). …

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Yamakatsu – STAY GOLD (9th Single)

“To your hard work! ” A new breeze to the idol world from Yamaguchi prefecture which celebrates the 150th anniversary of Meiji Restoration! 01.STAY GOLD 02. Gold Yamakatsu The eighth single “STAY GOLD” is finished in a song with a straight support message on a light rock number like Yamakatsu. …

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New PV Alert: Yamakatsu – STAY GOLD

The 9th single from Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, or Yamakatsu, gets a release on November 24. “STAY GOLD”, that oft-used phrase from S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders” gets a recall here as Yamakatsu offer encouraging words to the salarymen of the world. The girls get a dance shot in brilliantly white outfits …

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