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PINK CRES. – Roulette (2nd Single)

Description PINK CRES.The second single “ roulette ” released on February 26, 2020, formed by Miyabi Natsuyaki, Hikaru Kobayashi and Yuka Nihei, will release retro dance music on 2020 A retro-futuristic electroswing that is reproduced with the sound interpretation of. “Egoi Stick” is a new city pop that expresses the …

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New PV Alert: PINK CRES. – Roulette

Natsuyaki Miyabi gets started with their second single release “Roulette (ルーレット)” puts the trio on both sides of the wheel of fortune in a grooving soundtrack punctuated by horn riffs and swinging rhythm suitable for the quickstep. PINK CRES. put on the glamor with textured performance outfits that evokes a …

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PINK CRES. – etcetera (2nd Album)

PINK CRES. profile image

PINK CRES. Long-awaited release of 2nd album! A live tour will also start from this summer with this album. (Details to be determined) [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List 1.P・I・N・K 2.Etcetera 3.ラブ・タグ 4.ルート・シクスティーン 5.サプリ 6.不器用な自分 7.TOUGH GIRL 8.Sing to the sky 9.true love. 10.Sweet …

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New PV Alert: PINK CRES. – Clumsy “Me”

Showcasing their range, PINK CRES. put together the lovely promotional video for the album track “Bukiyouna jibun”. The trio spend their time indoors, the textures of their gauzy pastel clothes contrasting with the leather and white-washed wood interiors. At ballad speed, the introspective looks of Miyabi, Yuuka, and Hikaru reflect …

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PINK CRES. – crescendo (1st Album)

CD Track List 01. fun fun fun 02. LOVE CANDY 03. Uwa no Sora (ウワノソラ; Absent-minded) 04. Kirei・Kawai・Mirai (キレイ・カワイ・ミライ; Pretty, Cute, Future) 05. Last Love (ラスラブ) 06. Katasumi (片隅; Corner) 07. Warning ~Mirai Keihou~ (Warning~未来警報~; Warning ~Future Warning~) 08. Tell me why 09. Summer wonderland Buy PINK CRES.’s “crescendo”! ~theNumber244~ …

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