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New PV Alert: Kus Kus – Ecomuninication

After a lengthy absence, Kus Kus finally release a single and promotional video! 1.5 years after their last release “Sayonara ni negai wo“, the 6th single “Ecommunication” continues the light and cute electronic sound and image Kus Kus have cultivated for the 6 years. The heart (and meat!) of “Ecommunication …

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Kus Kus – Ecommunication (6th Single)

A progressive unit that does not keep on track, pursuing unit unique sound view of the world, pursuing the members’ lyrics and all songs, Kus Kus’s single which celebrates the 5th CD debut! (C) RS ユニット独自の音世界観を追求し、メンバーたちの詞作と全曲プロデュースしてきたATOのサウンドによる、歩みを留めない進行形ユニット、CDデビュー5周年を迎えたKus Kusのシングル! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List …

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