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New PV Alert: amiinA – Caravan

Forcing myself to rid Duke Ellington from my head, we get “Caravan” from the duo amiinA. Ami and Miyu deliver to us this quickly paced jig of a song complete with banjos and penny whistles like a Japanese filtered version of Flogging Molly. Backed by an ample band, amiinA dance …

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New PV Alert: amiinA – Jubilee

Idol duo aaminA put a 360 degree camera to good use with their latest promotional video “Jubilee”. The gorgeous soundscapes come from the expansive tones of a traditional rock instrumentation produced with an epic majesty. Guitars and keyboards echo through the arrangement while drums stay out of the way to …

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amiinA – Jubilee (5th Single)

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Amiin A continues to present songs beyond genres without being caught in anything. In the 5th single in the total, it is a song composed by a different composer and expresses a new world view. (C) RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   More amiinA coverage from New School Kaidan …

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New PV Alert: amiinA – Callin’

In the “never late than never” department, duo amiinA freshly released their promotional video for the track “Callin'” from their June 2017 release “Valkyrie”. I had thoughts about passing over this promotional video, but “Callin'” impressed me so much that I had to include it today. The duo start off …

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amiinA – Valkyrie (1st Mini Album)

Post-rock, electronica, and music groups beyond the genre, such as the Nordic sound, totally different types of ami and miyu, 2 girls weave 5 songs of Girl unit · amiinA that make up a unique view of the world in performance mini album. Two songs were announced in the previous …

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