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Wa-suta – The Legend of WASUTA (3rd Mini Album)

Description With the 4th anniversary in March 2019, the mini-album of Warta released for the 5th anniversary is released! A work that has achieved further evolution, with the worldview of Warta unchanged! ) RS 2019年3月に4周年を迎え、5周年目へ向けて走り出した、わーすたのミニアルバムがリリース!わーすたの世界観はそのままに、更なる進化を遂げた作品! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List 01.ゆるぷれいる 02.アンバランス・アンサーズ 03.誰も悪くない …

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Wa-suta are coming to Canada!

iDOL Street and Avex group Wa-suta (The World Standard) are coming to Anime North in Toronto, Canada! The group comprised of Sakamoto Hazuki (坂元 葉月), Hirokawa Nanase (廣川 奈々聖), Matsuda Miri (松田 美里), Kodama Ririka (小玉 梨々華), and Mishina Ruka (三品 瑠香) pencil themselves in for a concert at the …

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New PV Alert: Wa-suta – Love Unmelt

From their latest album, the hilariously titled “CAT’CH THE WORLD”, Wa-suta play on the wintry slopes for the promotional video “Love Unmelt”. The girls really head out to the snow with their aesthetic show gear and smiles. The World Standard get on snowboards and skis to conquer the slopes. Of …

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Wa-suta – CAT’CH THE WORLD (3rd Album)

Description Summer TOUR ~ Tying up tune in winter Tapioka Milkti, BBQ songs, FPS shooting game motif, just a wonderful full album. A number of songs that further expanded my view of the world. Whether I formed 4th year It is a compilation of “Wanda Furu YEAR” which I announced …

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Wa-Suta – GIRLS, BE AMBITIOUS! (2nd Mini Album)

I went to the 20th year since my inauguration in 2015, and my fourth year is entering, I am working actively with 2018 as “Wandering Year”. New song every month from April 2018 until March 2019! Ice food Forest egg presents I summed LIVE TOUR 2018 ~ JUMPING SUMMER ~ …

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Wa-suta -JUMPING SUMMER (1st mini album)

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Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand, Singapore, France, overseas performances are great success! We are also in charge of the main stage of “JAPAN EXPO 2017” held in Paris! All tours of the country are the first mini album we did! “The World Standard” formed March 29, 2015 formed. Digital native generation idol …

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