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DEVIL NO ID – Devillmatic (1st Album)

Girls dance crew suddenly appeared on Okinawa Street in September 2016 DEVIL NO ID. Since “Devil without ID” has been debut since now, it is still outraged to become a real devil! Everything of DEVIL NO ID so far packed, “Yabakagaru” 1st album finally completed! (C) RS 2016年9月、沖縄ストリートに突如現れたガールズダンスクルーDEVIL NO ID。“IDの無い悪魔たち”はデビュー以来、本物の悪魔になるために今もなお暴走中!これまでのDEVIL …

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Gacharic Spin – G-litter (3rd Album)

Gacharic Spin profile image

The title of the long-awaited major third album, such as “shining glitter”, “glittering”, “depriving the eye” “G – litter” with the notation emphasizing the initials of the band from the word glitter which has the meaning symbolized by Gacharic Spin. Includes a single “Generation Gap” released last September and 10 …

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