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Tacoyaki Rainbow – Double Rainbow (2nd Album)

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Takoyaki Rainbow A long-awaited second album “Double Rainbow”. The title of the second major album “Double rainbow” The title which represents the double rainbow has the meaning of “blessing, fortune, realization”, and Atsuko Ai and Fujii Takashi etc. Other notable albums by celebrities offered songs to the album . CD …

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Tacoyaki Rainbow – RAINBOW~Watashi wa Watashi Yanenkara~ (3rd Single)

Buy Tacoyaki Rainbow’s “RAINBOW~Watashi wa Watashi Yanenkara~”! CD+Blu Ray Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia CD Track List 01. RAINBOW ~私は私やねんから~ Blu-Ray Track List 「なにわンダーランド2016 ~ひみつのティーパーティー~@オリックス劇場 <2016.11.20>」 overture~tacoture~ 01. 尼崎テクノ 02. どっとjpジャパーン! 03. にじースターダスト 04. ナンバサンバイジャー 05. 桜色ストライプ 06. 恋するビリケンさん 07. 怒るでしかし! 08. めっちゃDISCO 09. 365Go 10. ええねん! 11. めっちゃPUNK 12. …

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