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New PV Alert: Yurumerumo! – Natsu onburu

You’ll Melt More! continue to celebrate their 5th anniversary with the release of this unique collaboration with STYLY and its VR environments. As demonstrated in the new promotional video for “Natsu onburu”, you can immerse yourself in the VR world of Yurumerumo! and their promotional videos using the always popular …

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New PV Alert: Yurumerumo! – Dahlia

Yurumerumo! Continue to add promotional videos for their recently released “NEVER GIVE UP DRUNK MONKEY EP” with a bloody, bone-chomping affair. “Dahlia” serves up great indie pop sounds that put the song on the top of my playlist, but the PV is another master work altogether. The girls, paled and …

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New PV Alert: Yurumerumo! – Watashi e

I was beginning to wonder when You’ll Melt More! would release promotional videos for their tracks on their re-recorded “Best” album “Ongaku yo Maware!! Music Go Round – Yuru Best!”. The track featured today “Watashi e” pops up in the group’s 2015 release “YOU ARE THE WORLD”. Back then, Yurumerumo! …

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New PV Alert: Yurumerumo! – Yasumo

Yurumerumo! Complete the cycle of promotional videos for their latest release “HIPPY MONDAYS” with their new work “Yasumo”. More than the last few PVs, “Yasumo” really taps into the Madchester sound of the early 1990’s from which “HIPPY MONDAYS” derived its name. The laid-back funky beats and groove heavy arrangements …

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Yurumerumo! – Ongaku yo Maware!! Music Go Round – Yuru Best! (Best Album)

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本作にはDISC1が「命のベスト(LIFE BEST)」とDISC2が「炎のベスト(FIRE BEST)」の2枚組で、全32曲が収録されている。 選曲はファン投票の結果が反映されている。現体制の4人になる前の楽曲は全て再録されており、ミックスとマスタリング をやり直している曲も多数ある。 なお、本作は通常盤と初回限定盤の2形態で発売され、初回限定盤には、「サマーボカン」から「must正」までの、現在の 4人になってからのMVが収録されたDVDが付いてくる。(「はみだしパラダイス」「永遠の瞬間」は未収録) In this work, 32 songs are recorded in DISC 1 “Life Best (LIFE BEST)” and DISC 2 “Flame Best” (FIRE BEST). The selection of songs reflects the result of fan voting. All songs before the current system of 4 people are re-recorded, mix …

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