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La PomPon – Best of La PomPon (Best Album)

Make it the 1st album, the first best! Other popular anime “Detective Conan” theme songs Komatsu Miho “Mystery”, ZARD “Roulette of Fate”, and Senior · Mai Kuraki’s “Feel fine!” Including popular J-POP famous song cover, complete single track title included! [First Press Limited Edition A] 2 CD + DVD [Award …

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La PomPon – Feel fine / Mr.Lonely Boy (6th Single)

CD Track List 01. Feel fine! 02. Mr.Lonely Boy 03. (未定) (CD + DVD only) 03. ふれんず (Single, Maxi only) 04. BUMP!! -Summer Remix- (CD + DVD only) DVD Track List 01. Feel fine! MUSIC VIDEO 02. Making of 「Feel fine!」 Buy La PomPon’s “La PomPon – Feel fine!”! CD …

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Little Glee Monster – Joyful Monster (NEW ALBUM)

Track List Disc One はじまりのうた My Best Frined 春夏秋冬 私らしく生きてみたい Hop Step Jump! Catch me if you can 君のようになりたい -Album ver.- Don’t Worry Be Happy Happy Gate 青春フォトグラフ (ballad ver.) オレンジ 会いにゆく 好きだ。 (Studio live ver.) JOY Track List Disc Two One more time, One more chance 何度でも たしかなこと CAN’T …

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