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Yes Happy! – Are You Happy? (5th Single)

Description Are You Happy? Waybee’s Yuki Fujimura composes and Sayaka of Yes Happy! A song that harmoniously matches the tune of Yes Happy! All musical instruments are recorded live. One of the slimmings provided by a great senior band active in Kansai. (C) RS Are You Happy?Waybeeの藤村佑樹が作曲・Yes Happy!のさやかが作詞を担当。疾走感あるのロックューンにYes Happy!のハーモニーが見事にマッチした楽曲。楽器は全て生演奏で収録。関西で活躍している大先輩のバンドから楽曲提供頂いた渾身の1枚。 (C)RS …

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Yes Happy! – TOMONIODORE! (4th Single)

Yes Happy! Released as a “sister” from the Kansai idol area released 4th Single! The second release, which will be released for 2 consecutive months, was produced by PAO, a fun song and artist / creators who can sing and dance together , It’s worth listening to nothing but cool! …

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New PV Alert: Yes Happy! – Bye bye

Back at you with some laid back grooves are the Kansai duo Yes Happy! “Bye bye” comes from the group’s fresh 3rd single release “Love and peace!”. Sayaka and Kokoro take us to a festival to witness the booths, snacks, and fireworks that you should be familiar with by now. …

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Yes Happy! – Love and peace! (3rd Single)

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Yes Happy! Released as a “sister” from Kansai ‘s idol neighborhood released 3rd Single! Yuuki Fujimura of waybee’ s Vo is responsible for composing and arranging the first two months in a row. Sayaka is in charge of lyrics. A piece of new Yes Happy! Full band sounding. 関西のアイドル界隈から“姉さん”と慕われるYes Happy!が3rd …

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