Suspension Left to the Fans

NMB’s currently “off-duty” idols Shimada Rena and Matsuda Shiori seem to be ready to come back; if the fans want them back. As a result of letting down their fans and disappearing, the girls seemed insecure about coming back, so 48 management decided to handle it the way they handle pretty much anything; with another voting process. Fans that are members of the NMB Ticket Center will be able to vote until December 3rd.

I don’t really see how there’s any way to lose here. Similarly with Oba Mina’s recent plea, I can’t see wotas, even disappointed ones, turn down idols that apologize and want to come back. Considering the return of a number of idols in the 48 groups who have gone through worse convictions, they’re as good as in. It does reek of publicity stunt considering how full-proof it seems, but I think going through these motions effectively bring closure and lets returning idols leave that baggage behind.


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  1. Seems safe enough I guess. If it is honestly just to make the girls feel better about the situation then sure, whatever. It’s pretty progressive having these girls come back instead of just casting them off like what would have happened in the past.

  2. Yuck, this kinda grosses me out. Not only is it insulting to the girls in my opinion, it actually draws more attention to the fact that there was a scandal, which is something I thought management wanted to play down.

  3. It sounds like a cheap way to get NMB some attention but if it gives them the confidence they need to come back then that’s awesome. To be honest, I can’t even remember what the scandal was about.

    But this might be kinda bad. It draws a lot of attention to the scandal. And if this doesn’t work out, just think how the girls would feel? But I agree with Mage, I like how AKB handles suspensions. More idols are better than less idols, right?

  4. Well just when I though Oba’s plea to the fans about th ‘error of her ways’ and all that was pretty cheap this is someting else, especially as you have to be a member of the NMB Ticket Center to vote…. Marketing for marketings sake? surely better to let these girls just silently come back and not mention it, like they just didn’t sort of mention Milky for a while…..

    And what is going to happen to Yoshida Akari, apparently what going on with her will be announced at a later date, well they decided something then……. but why have I got a bad feeling about it?

  5. Well I guess we can all agree that the 48fam aren’t boring in the least lol.

    It’s a WIN-WIN for management and these two girls involved in the incident. I am, however, very more interested in a worst case scenario. But most important, the information that is to Be revealed later of Yoshida. I have a feeling its going to Be a far worst announcement, like retirement or something.

    l will hold back further opinions and feelings of the situation until voting begins, the 3rd single Senbatsu is announced (thinking of Riichan and Milky), and what’s up wit this to-be-announced later announcement.

  6. It definitely seems a bit like a publicity stunt to create more buzz around the group. This is one instance of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

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