Special Broadcast

Maeda Atsuko radio

Tonight at 10:30pm EDT (7:30pm PDT, 2:30am GMT), we’re going to be doing a special broadcast where Dave (t3hDave) Chang details his experience in D.C. and talks about Maeda Atsuko’s graduation announcement.

Special guests Team S Anthony Hagiwara and community member OtaHiro will be in attendance as well. Others may be appearing as well and perhaps live phone calls will be taken too.

Tune in at our live page or go to the justin.tv page.

If you have questions, tweet @t3hDave or leave comments here!

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight.

About David Chang

Former Editor-in-Chief of New School Kaidan. Graduated.

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  1. so what time will it be in New York state

  2. I’ll definitely tune in. Looking forward to hearing this tonight. This Atsuko topic gets me sadder and sadder as each day goes by. But at the same time, there’s a part of me that wants to accept it because she’s done so much in AKB and I want her to continue to enjoy or optimize her career. Eh, but then the unknown of where she will end up, makes me want to retract that statement all together.

    AKB isn’t Maeda Atsuko, but Maeda Atsuko is AKB.. that’s as simple as I think I can put it. That probably sounds more confusing when read, than it does in my mind, lol.

    Yeah, idk.. this news is still stirring a lot of emotions, mixed ones.

  3. Gonna definitely be in this one

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