Song of the Week: Monday 2/7

Song: AIDORU Nante Yobanaide (Don’t Call Me An Idol)
Discography: Team Himawari 1st Stage [Boku no Taiyou] aka [H1] Original Performers: Maeda Atsuko, Kasai Tomomi, Minegishi Minami, Ono Erena

Performance Notes:
Location: 2009 Request Set List Best (Shibuya AX)
Original Unit: Yes

Ah the memories. When I went to the AKB Theater for the first time back in 2008, I didn’t know a single member’s name other than Maeda Atsuko.  But tugh a series of lucky circumstances I found my way into the theater with little understanding of the Japanese language. I didn’t know much about AKB except for the few singles I had watched on youtube and I knew even less what to expect at a live show.

Long story short, I left the theater confused. Mentality drained. Not really sure how to feel about the whole ordeal. There were only a handful of songs that stuck with me and AIDORU Nante Yobanaide was one of them. It’s a song about a girl who’s presumably an Idol but doesn’t want called one because of the nature of the business, not being allowed to fall in love. Looking back at it now, it’s probably a horribly wicked and twisted song. Imagine a young fan, someone like Tron. He loves his Oshimen Minegishi and there she is singing a song about wishing she weren’t an Idol so she could be in love. You hardly give him any chance to learn defenses against that.

But still it’s a nice song. Very Idol. Upbeat. And Fun. I remember laughing at the ridiculousness of having separate cheerleaders run on stage to supplement the choreography. They don’t do any singing or dancing directly with the performers but they got dressed up strictly to be backup dancers. I always thought that to be really cool. Especially during a performance (I think it was the H1 DVD) when I saw Shinoda Mariko dressed up as doing the dance, won me over immediately. If you look closely at this performance you can also see some Kenkyusei in the back earning their stripes, namely Komori Mika and Iwasa Misaki.

Other than that, what can you say about the line-up. It’s a pretty set group. Maeda Atsuko and Ono Erena are pretty untouchable. Kasai fits pretty well too. I’ve seen them swap Watanabe Mayu in there for Minegishi for some promo photos but I’m not sure if she’s ever performed the song. There’s also a Second Tier Performance on the H1 DVD with Kobayashi Kana and Hayano Kaoru. If you guys don’t know how I feel about those two…..I Love ‘EM, but I still don’t know if that’s my preferred performance.

So I hope this helps you remember another one of AKB’s daunting Stage Song. It’s a shame because we’ll never see this song on the Request Set List again.


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