Song of the Week: Monday 1/31

Song: Koike
Discography: Team A 3rd Stage [Dareka no tame ni] Original Performers: Team A

Performance Notes:
Location: Team A 3rd Stage DVD
Original Unit: Yes

Continuing with last weeks Team A 3rd Stage, Here is Koike. the song that is performed immediately before Tsuki no Katachi. It’s about Koike, a guy’s name. It’s kind of a break up song and is a Shinoda Mariko Centerpiece as she’s give tons of solo vocal lines. It an interesting song that has her speaking lines of dialogue with everyone else chiming in. As with the previous song of the week, the line up during the 3rd Stage is as memorable for me as it was spectacular. I enjoyed this performance for it’s theatrics as well as being able to hear Mariko’s voice during her solo part.

See You Next Week,

Special Note: Later this song was performed at the Shuffle Concert with Team K Members and Osaka Native Masuda Yuka as the center.

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