someone new appeared in my radar

i have my group of akb48 members that i support, and they’re not always based on who gets featured more than others; smaller spotlights and neat little moments get my attention too.  that’s usually how i identify and recognize people, which is why it takes me so long to put names to faces.  so whenever i see someone that stands out, whether through an interesting mannerism or a quirk, it’s easy to make a connection.

even now i occasionally have a hard time naming an akb member that’s new or stays in the background.  well, recently i’ve been noticing this new member more and more, and now she has my full attention.  she’s been a kenkyuusei(research student) since 2008 and was promoted late 2009.  click to see who she is!

and she is….

Sato Sumire

sumire’s unique smile and upbeat personality caught my eye even back when she was a research student, the few times she was featured.  like most new members, she’s been working at becoming noticed.  she’s seemingly timid with not a lot of screen time, but she’s noticeably loosening up, even if she’s revealing herself to be a lame comedian:

in 2005 she was a finalist on the televised ‘happy 8 ki’ morning musume audition(8th generation), but didn’t win(apparently team B captain yuki kashiwagi also auditioned for this before joining akb).


but it looks like it was for the best because now she’s a full member of akb and was recently picked up by the talent agency horipro, among the biggest in the industry that is also representing itano tomomi, kasai tomomi, miyazaki miho, and the successfully graduated oshima mai.

i see a good future in her and hope she gets pushed even more!

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