SoftBank CM Collection

I recently ran across some subbed versions of SoftBank’s CM series involving an oddball family. There’s your typical mother and daughter, the later of which is played by popular acress and singer Ueto Aya. But the father and brother are played by a White Dog and a Black Man. It’s a bit of an odd mash up but it becomes funny as it’s a dog having to deal with human problems like gaining weight and mother remarrying.

I think it might be necessary to mention that that SoftBank is a cellphone service in Japan, like a Verizon or T-Mobile. So a lot of these commercials have to do with text messaging, new products, or family plans. The first time I was in Japan, I thought SoftBank was an actual bank.

Father Goes to a bar and the owner tells him he’s gained weight

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Mom Goes Looking For The Person Who Ate the Cakes

Father gets a new iPhone

A Relaxing CM

Father speaks words of wisdom
Father can’t handle that his Mother is seeing a younger guy.

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  1. xD I never laughed so hard in my life! Thank you for sharing these, David. The last cm’s ending with the father’s mother was the funniest and the night sky/piano cm was the most touching. These cms are simple yet surprisingly effective. It’s amazing how, in 30 secs, they can entertain the viewer while introducing a product and its features in a way that is straightforward and to the point. There are cms in america that are as equally absurd, funny, and memorable, like the skittles cms. But, what sets softbank apart from cms like skittles is the fact that they manage to introduce the product properly. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched those taste the rainbow cms and thought, “how the hell does this relate to skittles?”

    • lol, I think the Skittles brand is at a point where they don’t need to introduce their product anymore, they just need to insert “Skittles, Taste the Rainbow” in at some point.

      America definitely can’t accuse Japan of making “weird commercials” now though; Even commercials for Capri Sun and Pop Tarts are hilariously off-kilter and odd. I think commercials in general have gotten a lot more entertaining in the past five years or so. A lot more wit and creativity is used nowadays, and a lot more artistic freedom as well.

  2. Haha, these are great. Cute dog too. I only recognize Ueto Aya from Azumi, but she’s pretty.

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