So What is AKB48? (Lesson 1)

Maybe you’ve been around and heard me talk about AKB48. You’ve heard that their a 48 member girl group divided up into three teams – Team A, Team K, and Team B.

Sure, now that you know that, what else? It’s kind of a daunting task to start listening to a group as large as AKB. It’s hard to pick out one of the members and become fond of their personality. It’s hard to distinguish between a bunch of cheerful energetic girls, but trust me, there’s a difference.

So I think the best way to start off your introduction to AKB is to recall how I myself started listening to them. The first AKB48 song I ever heard was Keibestu Shiteita Aijou. Even now I have trouble remember the song name. I remember watching this video and looking into a sea of black school uniforms. Actually, this isn’t even the whole group. For most of the singles release, there are only a few regulars who get picked to be featured in the single and/or the promotional video. Here is the video.


Now that you’ve seen the video, some things that I took out of it. The song is a little dark for my tastes. There’s a few references to suicide. There’s a uniformity and struggling to break out theme for the girls. The dancing is somewhat suggestive and also a little overly dramatic. I’m still unsure about how I feel about the flutes in the back ground. The video ends with kinda a haunting end and the girls looking back at you. It’s kinda creepy. Going back and watching it now, it’s an awesome feeling to be able to pick out each girl by name and kinda see their characters and how far they’ve come along. But back then, I was only able to notice a few that stood out. See if you can pick them out. You should look for them in the second verse after the first chorus ends at the 2:00 mark.

– There is a girl who looks exceptionally young. Her head is always akwardly tilted to the side .

– There is a girl who’s face is very intense. I remember being overwhelmed by her look.

– There is a girl who has short highlighted hair. One of the few brown haired girls. I thought she was really cute.

– There is another girl who is very cute and has short black hair.

She has a solo part where you only hear her voice. You eventually notice that she is pushed to the foreground multiple times and can be considered the “main” character. She was the first member I began to take notice of and eventually learned her name. Maeda Atsuko.

I’ll leave this lesson off here and continue another time.

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