So Long Akari, Hello Momoiro Clover… Z?

As many Momoiro Clover fans already know, Hayami Akari(blue) has officially left the group. David, Tron, and I have been discussing what may become of Momoclo after Akari leaves, mainly about what new member may join the group.

Funnily, it never occurred to us that they wouldn’t be bringing in a new member at all. I’m not disappointed that they’re not interested in bringing in a new recruit(though I still think six members for Momoclo was perfect), but I am a little confused about what they’re doing to their name now that Akari has left.

The name ‘Momoiro Clover’ is no more, apparently, to make way for the ALL-NEW, fresh, and awesome name to symbolize their new start as a five-member group: Momoiro Clover…Z.

I’m not a fan of this re-branding. All this name evokes for me is ‘Dragonball Z’, ‘Mazinga Z’, ‘Powerpuff Girls Z’, ‘Peelander Z’, and all the other Japanese titles that already have the letter ‘Z’ arbitrarily attached to the end of their names. Why did they feel this was necessary at all? For me, it’s an unwelcome change.

It’s personal preference and not a huge deal, but it’ll bug me for a while. Momoclo losing a member and adding a syllable is just the start of my worries, but looking at the remaining members, I still have a little voice in the back of my mind telling me they’ll be just fine.


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  1. Good to know I’m not the only one who drew the comparison with Powerpuff Girls Z. As far as the change itself goes; yeah it’s pretty stupid in all honesty. Is anyone even going to call them Momoiro Clover Z? I know I’m just going to keep referring to them as Momoiro Clover.

    Questionable name change aside, I look forward to their future releases and to see where they go from here.

  2. They’re going to have an album cover with all the girls facing the camera, but they’re all flying in the air in a superman stance with one fist forward. The members are affixed around the album cover in a clockwise position, each emitting a golden glowing aura. Upon closer inspection, we realize that they’re sporting hair that is reminiscent of super saiyans from dbz. Finally, to our horror we come to notice a slight change in their name. Above the members reads…

    Momoiro Clover… Z.

    All jokes aside, I have never really followed Momoiro Clover all that much, but the first time I had ever seen them was on what I think was a music japan special and at that time Akari was the only one who immediately stood out to me. I just remember her having a really unique look. I still don’t understand the specifics on why she graduated.

  3. Good to see they took their time to think about how to rebrand the group.

  4. there is somewhat of a translation of why she left, I still can’t call this a graduation as it just doesn’t feel like one. Akari doesn’t feel she fits the idol image, she also feels she is more manly then the male fans, what she means by manly is unclear, if its looks, personality, attitude, is just not stated.

    Akari for whatever reason, maybe it was her halfie look, maybe it was her personality, whatever the case, was apparently the least popular member, shortest line during handshake events, unkind and rude comments on her blog, this in the end just pushed her to leave the group.

    I have heard comments from some that they are more interested in the group without her than they were with her in it.

    Personally I liked Akari, she wasn’t my favorite, but she excelled at the MCs, I think she was an excellent sub-leader, she was funny, and had a very different personality which was a very nice counter point to the group, she also seemed to have a bit of a otaku or wota vibe going on when it came to other idol groups.

    As for the name change, I don’t know what I think about it yet, I just hope there won’t be a complete re-imaging of the group as I love Momoclo as they are.

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