S/mileage…the future of H!P?

So David told me he has been liking S/mileage more and more recently and I for one am excited to see how far these girls can go. Their debut single Yumemiru Fifteen broke into the top 5 weekly Oricon charts which is very impressive when you had the big hitters like AKB48 and Xiah from toshoshiki releasing that very same week.

Tsunku has stated that the currently line up of S/mileage isn’t set in stone, and in the future there could be addition and subtractions to the group to best fit the “s/mileage” image. I am very curious to see who he might add into the group later, but I hope none of these girls get axed as that would ruin the awesome chemistry and moral that all these girls share.


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  1. I definitely hope that they all remain together.

    I’ve felt that after having to collect all those photos for their debut, they’ve grown stronger and more confident as a group. It kind of reminded me of the time when Morning Musume had to sell a certain number of cds to debut as well. It was a very emotional moment.

    I like their choreography in yumemiru 15. Specifically the hand motions. It’s almost as if they’re raving! Just give em some glow sticks and yeah, there ya go. :)

  2. I also want to say that I hope the number of members does not exceed 5.

    I just personally like that, currently, every member has their own individual parts in singing. It really allowed each girl to prominently showcase themselves live and in pvs.

    Unlike in Morning Musume, where members like linlin and junjun always end up with the leftover scraps. As David pointed out, this really casts a shadow on their potential.

    btw, I’d love to see a post on shin minimoni, I hear linlin is the leader of it, but I haven’t seen much. You guys could probably do a compare/contrast on the old and new.

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