SKE48 is a Big Fish in a Small Pond

Remember when the mere idea of an SKE48 rose everyone’s eyebrows? When the group was first formed, there were a multitude of predictions and criticism going against the group, thinking it was destined to be a half-assed attempt at capitalizing on AKB’s growing success. Seems pretty silly now, seeing how SKE48 has generated a huge following, now easily selling over 100k copies with every release. Well, more potential could be unleashed with SKE’s latest development: it was announced that SKE will be changing their label from Crown Records to Avex.

Avex is quite the monolith in the Japanese music industry, with countless sub-labels under their name for every genre of music, and distribute for many American artists as well. Amuro Namie, Hamasaki Ayumi, EXILE, SNSD, Koda Kumi and even Miley Cyrus are released under Avex in Japan. This presents a lot of intense promotional opportunities for SKE48.

We won’t know if this will directly affect SKE’s songs or PVs until we experience their next single, ‘Pareo no Emerald’, on July 27th. I’m hoping Avex will properly push SKE48 and financially back them up for quality releases while Akimoto is still able to reign over the creative side that keeps the quirky aspects of SKE that we know and love.


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  1. Really pleased for the girls, their hard work is paying off in a big way. I hope for many good things to come of this development.

  2. Well, didn’t see this coming. It will definatly be interesting to see how this effects SKE.

    I am really holding out my judgement on this until I seehow things pan out,at the moment I would say I am cautiously optimistic….

  3. bluedearkness12

    This could be a good move if done right. But can anyone answer my question: who decides on switching to a different record label though? Did one person make the decision or it was a group consensus, how does a group like that decide on it?

    • As for who ends up ultimately deciding, the responsibility probably lies on Akimoto. It seems like he’s been in negotiations since he started a relationship with Avex to distribute French Kiss and DiVA, and he got a good offer to trust Avex as a label for SKE.

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