SKE48 Comes Full Circle: Welcome Team E!

It’s been a long time coming—maybe a little too long, but I’m psyched.  I read on TokyoGraph that SKE48 will finally form a Team E to complete the group!  It appears they already selected all the Team E members from their pool of 26 kenkyuusei(research students).  SKE will finally have three full teams with 16 members each, much like AKB’s current format.  In addition, four members of SKE’s ‘Team KII’ will return to kenkyuusei status, and be replaced by four other kenkyuusei.

It’s always exciting to see a new team come in; another group of new faces, another opportunity to see how they will change and add to the family, and possibly more members to add to my list of favorites.

Big changes, but exciting ones.  Can’t wait for more information about Team E!

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  1. Cool news! It looks like their official website was updated and you see can Team E’s pictures here:
    Momona Kito demoted = :(

  2. Thanks for the link! I was too lazy to realize they already had photos up. Can’t tell who really stands out yet but I’ll be on the look out for any performances or appearances by them.

    The demotions are unfortunate but the new promoted KII members are pretty cute, especially Sawako Hata.

  3. A long time coming indeed. Glad to see the group completed at last.

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