Showcase: March 2016 Trip Top 10


One of the reasons I love going to Japan is the opportunity to find new music. I love the genre and I feel like there is so much great music unknown to the world just waiting to be discovered.

So after every trip I like to recollect a list of songs that I enjoyed/discovered during my trip. This doesn’t necessarily mean these are NEW songs, just new to me. Thanks for reading.

10. Akishibu Project – New World

Around this time last year, Akishibu was releasing their first mini album. With the release of their 2nd mini album many of their favorite songs were finally released to the public. It wasn’t until this trip that I was finally able put a name to this song.

09. Tokyo Clear’s – Do Re Me Fantastic

I’ve been a Clear’s fan for a good part of a year now but this trip was the first time I’ve ever heard them play this song. The video example is unfortunately not of Tokyo Clear’s but rather Nagoya. The Clear’s groups have this complicated vote competition among themselves not unlike AKB.

08. playballs – Yakyu Shiyoze!

The song title literally translates to “Let’s Baseball” and I love it. And while the choice of group name comes off as questionable to some, if you’ve been around Japan and it’s quirky translations you’re probably pretty quick to move on from the fact.

07. Ready to Kiss – STAR LIGHT ~星色のこの気持ち空に映れ~

I thought I had heard every single R2K song as they only have a handful but sure enough this trip introduced me to yet another great song from a group I already liked. I have an idea which song title this is but have not been able to confirm yet. But there is a clip from when R2K went to Thailand, watch for the crowd interactivity.

06. Houkago Princess – Baka Da Ne

Houkago Princess has been around for awhile. I’ve known about them. I’ve known people who are big fans of them, but they never clicked for me…. until this trip. I always liked the costumes, but the songs never spoke to me. But all that changed when I heard Baka da ne.

05. Kamen Joshi – Paradisweets

Paradisweets was the song that came from the tie in between Kamen Joshi and the Cake Buffet Sweets Paradise. Maybe that’s something that turned me off initially, but after seeing it performed live I can attest that it’s a great very fun Idol song. I bought it off of iTunes immediately after the show.

04. Tokyo Cute Cute – title unknown

I wish wish wish, I could find an example of this song. Tokyo Cute Cute is a compilation group made up of other groups from the same management company such as Wendee and BABYSTAR.

03. el float – water tree

I think it’s very difficult for a duo or a trio capture the attention of idol fans. There are a plethora of things working against them. Which is why the success of el float is so fascinating to me.

I love how this group looks on stage.

02. FES☆TIVE – Koi Momiji

Until you’ve seen FES☆TIVE live in Japan, I don’t think you’ll ever get the true FES☆TIVE experience. I don’t think any video online ever do them justice, as with most Idols.

But man when this song played the place was jumpin’.

01. Niji no Conquistador – Alien Girl in New York

Seeing Nijicon live really made this song for me. There is a post of the live performance, but it’s kinda difficult to describe the nuiances. I think the PV does a better job of showing the oddity of this new release.

Look for the facing making.

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