Shoulders Make the Woman?

I dunno why but I keep looking at this cover, partly because it’s on JPopSuki’s recently added list so every time I login I see it staring me in the face. But I didn’t originally like the cover. I hate the difference in color between the gloves and her dress; they should match. Her hair seems kinda off like she has a fake black color to it. Maybe it’s because the makeup makes her skin kinda pale looking. I can’t stand the different fabrics either. I mean who wears plastic leathery gloves? Also I’m reluctant to see Kitano Kii change her image from bubbly teenager to weird seductive adulthood. I much preferred her in her Sea Breeze or C.C. Lemon commercials. But I guess that change is a must after the semi-scandal of having a boyfriend last year. Even the bareness of the gray background bothers me.

For some reason now though, even with all those gripes, I feel better when seeing this picture. There’s something relaxing even with all these oddities. I think it might be the dress. I like women’s shoulders and females who can pull off that look, I find very attractive. But is that the only reason I like this cover? Can it be that powerful of imagery?

I’ll do more research.


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