Send your support to Morikawa Ayaka for her birthday

Morikawa Ayaka 18th Birthday Project

Community member djmon25 (aka memorybreak) wrote up this Morikawa Ayaka Birthday Project post on the Nihongogo forums.

We’re big fans of community support, so check it out and give Ayaloid some love!

あーやロイド好きですか?(Do you like Ayaloid?)

If you do, here is your chance to show you love(or support) her.

Hello, you might recognize me from such gift giving projects such as Yuko’s Heavy Rotation inspired converse chucks and Takamina’s “Takaduck” shirt. I’m here again with another project, this time showing love for Team A’s Ayaka “Ayaloid” Morikawa, who will turn 18 on March 24.

Here’s some info on our unsuspecting target:

Morikawa Ayaka in uniform

Name: Ayaka Morikawa (森川彩香)

Nickname: Aaya (あーや), Ayaloid (あーやロイド)

Birthdate: March 24, 1996

Affiliation: AKB48 Team A

AKB48 11th Generation – Blue Rose

Morikawa Ayaka Blue Rose gif Morikawa Ayaka Blue Rose gif

For this birthday project I’m making a Vocaloid inspired NikeID customized shoes to give to her.

Vocaloid inspired Air Morgan

So one might ask, “what can I do to help with this project?” For one, I won’t ask for monetary donations to pay for the shoes, I got that covered. What I want from you is to write birthday wishes, words of encouragement and support for Aaya. Please send me letters or cards with your message by 10 March 2014 or you can write/type your message and send me a digital copy of it (typed/scanned or photo) which I’ll transfer to a message book and send it along with the shoes.

Again, I would like to get all the messages by 10 March 2014. This will hopefully provide enough leeway for the staff to clear this present as well for her to receive it by her birthday (24 March).

If you would like to participate with this birthday project, please send an email to

Please support this project and spread the word out via social media (facebook/twitter/tumblr/etc)! Thanks!

Check out more videos below!

Morikawa Ayaka bikini


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