‘Sekaiichi HAPPY no Onna no Ko’: I Believe It

The landscape of H!P is changing, and I would say, for the better. ‘Buono!’ practically turned the world upside-down with their album ‘Partenza’, and Morning Musume’s double-A side songs both sound promising. C-ute is following suit with ‘Sekaiichi Happy no Onna no Ko’, which translates to ‘The World’s Happiest Girl’; and after experiencing the song and PV, I believe it.

There is an indelible charm to this song that I just can’t shake. It’s full of energy, but also has an added soothing quality that made it very enjoyable to listen to. This is a wonderfully crafted song that is great all around; I never found myself enduring a boring moment, waiting for “the good part”. The delivery of lines were full of personality and excellently executed. From the verses to the chorus, the entire song was primed and ready to plant itself into my head, where I was helplessly driven to hum this song for days—fortunately, it was be a pleasure to do so.

Now we get to the PV; the moment where I hold my breathe and hope to God that it won’t leave me with a bad memory to associate with this great song. The verdict? I actually left this PV feeling pretty good, and dare I say—even enhanced my enjoyment of this single. It’s true that the song did a lot of the heavy lifting, but the PV did its part in supplementing it in an active way.

The colors are so vibrant, that alone was visually stimulating enough to generate excitement. It is simple in concept, but I saw focus and a satisfying follow-through in this video that I’ve seldom found in H!P PVs. Their last entry, ‘Momoiro Sparkling’, utilized more props, more backgrounds, and more members “doing things”, yet I found ‘Sekaiichi Happy no Onna no Ko’ to be vastly superior. The set is plain, but smartly so; the colored stripes that were pulled from the rooms provide an impressive sense of scale in a minimalist fashion and the rooms themselves effectively created five different sets to shoot in.

Most importantly, the PV allowed the girl’s personalities to be front and center. Instead of being held down by a scenario, I felt that they were allowed more times to be themselves. Not only that but I felt like I was watching an actual group instead of seeing five segregated girls that sometimes dance together. They each had their own screen-time but it was more collaborative, and ended up being more fun to watch as a result.

While I was initially indifferent to the dance choreography, the more I watched it, the more charming it became. While it’s not representative of C-ute’s powerhouse dancing abilities that they’re known for, it suits the playful tone of the song. The costumes themselves aren’t anything special and the skirts are, as usual, a bit too voluminous for my taste, but I enjoyed the color coordination and individualized head-wear.

This song isn’t revolutionizing C-ute, but there is a definite change and sense of progression with this release. I hope it’s a sign of things to come, because this could become my golden gateway to a fruitful C-ute fandom.



‘Sekaiichi HAPPY no Onna no Ko’
Releases September 7th, 2011


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  1. I have to say I really like this song. The PV I think was generally very fun and energetic. The one thing that bothered me was those random flashing spotlights in the set.

    I found the dance to be very simple and fit the overall feel of the song. For some reason when I looked closely to the outfits, it kind of reminded me of Momoiro Clover Z, switch blue with purple.

    My favorite part was the domino books spelling out Happy, that was a nice surprise near the end.

    Overall I really like the song and the PV was just fun to watch.

    Thanks Dae for another awesome review. =)

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