SCANDAL: The Wasted Potential

When I first heard of SCANDAL, I was really intrigued. Yeah, sure they were an all girl band all wearing school uniforms. It’s not an entirely new idea. But they had promise to become a talented band, one thing idol groups lack. To fuse looks and visuals with actual musical prowess. Thing were in line to possibly line up.

Unfortunately, they didn’t. A few singles later, they’ve dropped off my radar. They’re not the Chatmonchy I wanted them to be. They’re still nice to look at. But the way their marketed to the public is completely wrong. They do some sort of weird choreography while playing, which makes no sense. And I guess management is trying to pass them of as sexual when they’re clearly not overtly that.

I’m not saying that they still aren’t listenable. The new single above is probably my favorite of theirs since Sakura Goodbye. But in terms of potential, I think it’s a waste. Here’s an example of what I mean. One of their earliest songs and probably still the best.

Now, I’ve got to do an analysis of Stereopony,

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