SCANDAL Finally Strikes a Chord with “Haruka”

I haven’t been catching the SCANDAL fever as many others have been recently.  It’s almost frustrating how their recent ‘Nanka Buttobase’ is their biggest seller, when in my opinion this would be considered a low point in their career, musically.  Sure, their music videos look a lot nicer than they used to, but their recent releases have been lackluster and derivative, unable to hook me in any way.

Their early releases had a bite that gave them considerable edge, but around ‘Namida no Regret’, or maybe even before that, their songs have been completely toothless.  SCANDAL’s 2010 album ‘Temptation Box’ had some good songs, but I’ve stopped anticipating their upcoming singles.

So when I heard ‘Haruka’, SCANDAL’s latest, it was a pleasant surprise.  It’s not the gritty “I don’t wanna be girly” SCANDAL sound, but the melody is great and I’ve had it playing on repeat for some time now.  The hefty five minute track goes by deceptively fast, an indicator to me that this song has great pacing and composition.

The song is calm but has a very strong undercurrent; I actually get a ZONE vibe from this song, which is always welcome.  This is world’s better than their past string of emasculated singles, and I’m pretty excited about SCANDAL again.  I’ve been going back and listening to their past singles and albums, and finding that there’s a lot more to like than how I’ve been feeling about them recently. This coincides perfectly with the (practically confirmed)rumors of SCANDAL coming here to California for AM2con. If they do, there’s no way I’m missing them. Who knows, maybe seeing them live can bring me back completely.


P.S. As a sidenote I just want to dote on my favorite member—the bassist, Ogawa Tomomi. I love her singing voice and she’s an irreplaceable personality in the group. Her antics showcase SCANDAL’s charm, and it’s always great when other members follow her lead. She’s recognizable as the one with long bangs split down the middle, and the one always hopped up on sugar.

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  1. SCANDAL is HOT. I would like to see them live.

  2. I definitely agree with some of what Dae said. I get that Sakura Goodbye is a graduation song, so it’s character is fitting. But Yume Miru Tsubasa comes of uncharacteristic. The chorus for example comes of a bit Pillowsy, and the rest like pop straight up. I like the Pillows, but that drift is off putting in SCANDAL. Shuukan sentimental was ok for what it was, a catchy theme to get them more exposure, but I couldn’t stomach Taiyou to kimi… Again, it’s the shift. Nanka Buttobase, I honestly think they’re exploring a different direction. I can’t say it’s not rock enough. It is. Overall, however, I honestly think that the few toothless numbers they carry are just an attempt at gaining an audience. I don’t feel that they’ve alienated their initial followers completely though. They seem to come back every other single. No? It’s no surprise then, that they’re sales have grown as they sound more like idols sometimes.

    Have hope sir! Alas you can’t forget they’re the ones behind the instruments, giving them more potential to come.


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