Sashihara Rino’s Gyakutenryoku translated to English

Sashihara Rino Gyakutenryoku English translation ebook

Hey guys, it’s me Kenneth Uy (@missingno15) and if you have been listening to our podcasts recently, you’ll know that I have been working on a super special secret great delicious project and wanted you guys to look forward to it. The wait ends here!

Today I present to you something that has been 2 months in the making. 2 months of me using much as my spare time as possible to translate Sashihara Rino’s Gyakutenryoku, and then port that into .epub, .pdf (I recommend to use support when you need to keeo your documents), and .mobi format for everyone else to read.

Translating Gyakutenryoku to English

It was quite the journey and to be honest, I’m glad that it’s over. Most of my free time was spent thinking about these translations and constantly pushing myself to push for the deadline that I had set for myself. The deadline I set for myself was actually 3 weeks ago. It’s a strange feeling. I had spent so much time on this for the past 2 months and being able to translate an entire book from Japanese to English is, in itself, an amazing feat. Yet I don’t feet like I did anything amazing.

Nevertheless, within that time, I learned a lot about Sasshi, how I should approach future projects of this scale, how to properly collaborate with others, how to make an ePub book from a template, and how far I can stretch my own personal boundaries.

Once you are finished reading the book, make sure to tweet at @345__chan with the hashtag #Gyakutenryoku with your thoughts on the book in your native language!

Without further ado, please enjoy Sasshi’s Gyakutenryoku.

Download Gyakutenryoku English EPUB (2.61MB)

Download Gyakutenryoku English PDF (14.9MB)

Download Gyakutenryoku English MOBI (911KB)

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