Sakuraba Kazushi

I’m sure there are still some of you who are oblivious that I was/am a sports fan. And while I’m not a fan of two guys beating the shit out of each other, I am a fan of competition and of Sakuraba. I won’t go into detail of his career or accomplishments.

But I will say that he was one of the best. If not of all time, then for the best of his time. Known as the IQ Wrestler, Sakuraba was known for fighting opponents much larger and stronger than he. He was a specialist at submitting them. But one of the things I remember him most for is his sense of humor and performance. He was on a stage. His performance began from when he was announced entering the ring. This entrance was coming off a disappointing knock out defeat, you’ll see as it is recapped as they’re hyping up his current fight. He has some other pretty memorable/notable entrances which even include entering dressed as a professor.

He currently still fights although being in his forties.

I’d prefer he retire in order to preserve his health.

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