[Review] Tentenko – Good Bye, Good Girl.


Community member Andre S. (@guiltycrown09) reviews the debut solo single from former BiS member Tentenko.

Some of the best music ever released came from the 1970s to the late 1980s. During this time period, music had originality; it had soul. Over time, music began to lose that soul. Starting 2015 strong, Tentenko, an ex BiS member, takes us back to the good old days, the days when the hairs on the back of our necks would stand up straight when listening to music that possessed power. On January 14th 2015, Tentenko released “Good Bye, Good Girl.”, a mammoth debut solo single that will indeed be hard to top.

Upon the first listen, it cannot be helped but to notice the first thing that stands out is Tentenko’s unique vocal ability. Her vocals are very reminiscent of the American rock band, America and their hit single, “A Horse with No Name.” The recreation of the raw, non-filtered vocals is an exceptional touch to bring out the classic 70s sound. Not only are the vocals on point, but the instrumentals carry their own tale. Listening to the instruments gives the feeling of someone’s journey through life, uncovering hidden wonders with a positive outlook.


Talking about a music video is usually irrelevant when it comes to music. A music video should not determine if the consumer should buy a single/album but in this case, it needs to be talked about a bit. For this solo effort, the music and music video go hand in hand, bringing to life and immersing the listener in the world Tentenko and her team have created. The overall created authenticity is so vivid, you feel you have traveled back in time.

The fact that Tentenko herself wrote this single is a true testament to her capability as an artist in Japan. If this is just a taste of what is to come, then Tentenko is an individual worth investing in.

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  1. I think the song does a good job with the 80s sound. Very often, songs that attempt a complete retro treatment like “Good Bye Good Girl” attempts rub me the wrong way. For that reason, I expected Tentenko’s song to grate on me eventually.
    But, actually, the song holds up. To begin with, I think the song is solid enough to work with a variety of treatments: 80s, 70s, or otherwise. Also, since Japanism was very much a thing for 80s music, the overtly Asian keyboard melodies work well with the treatment. Overall, the song feels like it came from a very pure place that isn’t attempting to capitalize on retro sounds for the sake of cashing out.
    So, yeah. 4/5. Would listen again. Have already listened more than a handful of times.

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