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Come “relax” with Chase as he takes a look at REMOTE GIRL☆’s take on Perfume’s hit “Relax In The City.”

For those of you unfamiliar with REMOTE GIRL☆, the most succinct way I can describe them is as half of 4TE (namely, Chii, more recently Jenny) and 4TE’s in-house producer, PromWolf, coming together to create Japanese-style alternative rock covers as well as original songs.

If you read that last sentence and have no idea who 4TE are, I highly recommend checking out their music on their Bandcamp and Youtube. REMOTE GIRL☆ has achieved renown on Youtube for covering popular J-Pop songs and putting their own unique spin on the music, amassing several hundreds of thousands of views. With brand new member Jenny in tow, REMOTE GIRL☆ have released their take on Perfume’s most recent single, “Relax In The City.”

“Relax In The City” is an anomaly for Perfume in recent years, being one of their few leading A-sides that takes a more laid-back and calm approach to their electro style, and REMOTE GIRL☆ manages to embody that same relaxed vibe in their cover. Although transitioning from an electropop style to a more rock oriented feel, the song remains pleasant to the ears and beautifully arranged.

The most standout part of the song for me was the chorus, bringing with it a lo-fi, indie-esque moving guitar part which strongly reminded me of the guitar work on Gerard Way’s “Hesitant Alien” album. It created a nice, thick layer of sound for the vocals to glide effortlessly on top of, and I believe it was the unsung hero of the song, really doing a lot more than can be heard initially.

I also enjoyed the nod to the other Perfume A-side on the covered single, “Pick Me Up,” as the lyrics and instrumentals began incorporating and blending the two songs together, making for an unexpected surprise as you pass the halfway mark of the cover.

Accompanying the song is an original music video featuring the members of REMOTE GIRL☆ playing their instruments, singing, and enjoying a day trip around various locales. Much of the PV is shot from a first person POV, as though REMOTE GIRL☆ is bringing you with them on their enjoyable adventure.

Though heavy visual effects can be very hit and miss for me, the filters and shots used worked quite well with the whimsical and charming mood. The PV was overall very enjoyable to watch, not offensive to the eyes, and well compiled and editing considering most of the footage looks as if it was filmed with a modest hand camera. Also super jealous of PromWolf’s hair. Definitely have to hit him up for some hair tips.

Das a lot of hairspray.
Das a lot of hairspray.

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