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(NSK trainee Quiana gives her impressions on the latest song and PV from NMB48; “Ibiza Girl”.)

NMB48’s new single-turned-album track, “Ibiza Girl” had its PV release in late June. As 2014’s summer song, “Ibiza Girl” had a lot to live up to if it was going to be like “Bokura no Eureka” in terms of becoming the highest-selling NMB single yet; however, now that it’s the lead track of the upcoming album “Sekai no Chuushin wa Osaka ya ~Namba Jichiku~”, it’s carrying some of the weight for the album sales. So how good or bad is the PV? Who gets married? Are there more mishaps with electronics and pools? Read on to find out!

ibizagirl1What’s with this 90’s educational video synth background music?


ibizagirl2Kotani Riho is in a plane, probably about to skydive. I wonder if this is like the skydiving stunt that Akimoto Manatsu did to promote “Natsu no Free & Easy“.

ibizagirl3Ah yes, the lone blond-haired man from the PV preview. I wonder what he’s up to.


ibizagirl4Okay, so Yamamoto Sayaka has appeared and given him a…fruit. Is that a coconut?


ibizagirl5Kashiwagi Yuki stepping out of an extravagant limo in an elegant style is one of my favorite parts of this PV. Even though Yukirin would seem like the last person to be in NMB, it’s working out pretty well to me.


ibizagirl6Cute Watanabe Miyuki scene here! I’m beginning to wonder where NMB filmed this PV. Clearly, though, they were not in Ibiza.


ibizagirl7The feel of this PV is very nice. It’s a summer PV, which usually means tacky for any 48G, but instead of tasteless it’s radiating classy. Even in this bookstore scene!


ibizagirl8The camerawork is very nice in the close-up bikini scenes. The handheld shaking of the camera makes the viewer feel as if they’re really with the girls, not just watching them on a screen.


ibizagirl9Milky, no! What did you even spill on that guy, anyways?


ibizagirl10This guy’s acting is cringe-worthy. But then again, it’s a 48G PV.


ibizagirl11More elegant Yukirin, this time in a fancy bar. Looks like the director took advantage of the fact that NMB isn’t a bunch of teenagers anymore and kicked in some mature appeal.


ibizagirl12Gosh, I’m not a super Yukirin fan, but she is just perfect in this PV!


ibizagirl13These scenes with a member and the one dude kinda make you wonder how any of them surpassed the language barrier in maybe a few hours.


ibizagirl14How does this guy even get the time to appear in front of all these members?


ibizagirl15Again, the mature aspects of the PV give it a really nice atmosphere. Too bad the director decided to put all the kennin members in this type of scene. It can’t be helped though, because most of the kennin members are much older than the regular members. For example, Umeda Ayaka here is 25 years old and rockin’ it.


ibizagirl16Electronics near a pool? Again!? The phone even fell in this time! This growing trend between the 48G girls is extremely dangerous. Please, Aki-P, please think of the girls.


ibizagirl17He saved the phone. It wasn’t even a touchscreen phone either. Wait – but then how were they taking a front camera selfie?


ibizagirl18This guy is doing so much in so little time. I would chronicle the adventures of “Ibiza Guy” here, but it would probably be too long to handle.


ibizagirl19Ibiza Guy gave the coconut back to Sayanee! Oh no! Is this rejection?


ibizagirl20I wonder who’s under the veil? By the way, this wedding chapel is pretty modern. Nice location choice, management.


ibizagirl21That lady should know that her soon-to-be husband has been cheating on her with about 22 different Japanese pop idols.


ibizagirl22The girls all have terrific facial expressions here. Ibiza Guy, you know you’re dead.


ibizagirl23Yeah, run. Run like your life depends on it, you dirty, cheating scum. Also, it must be pretty hard for the members to run in high heels like those.


ibizagirl24Okay, so now Ripopo is jumping out of a plane. This has got to have some plot significance, so I’ll refrain from making any snide jokes here.


ibizagirl25Ripopo is now running, most likely to where the other members are. A plot twist this late in the PV is pretty great for the story. Even though the concept of this PV’s story is so simple, it’s still pretty darn interesting.


ibizagirl26Now all of the members, save possibly Ripopo, have joined the hunt. Ibiza Guy, there’s no turning back now. Also, the members have changed into white sandals! That’s a better choice than high heels for running, though still a little bit on the odd side.


ibizagirl27But why are the girls all smiling? Are they taking pleasure in his fear? Milky is also reaching her hand out. Is she trying to catch up or is she longing for him?


ibizagirl28So maybe the skydiving girl wasn’t Ripopo, who is clearly pictured in the middle of this screenshot. Then who was the girl? (I’m still pretty sure she was Ripopo. But then why was that skydiving scene included?)

What a lovely PV. It had an extremely classy feeling, probably somewhat like what one would feel if they were actually in Ibiza – though there is no way of verifying that unless one actually visited Ibiza. Too bad there was one little plot element left unanswered – why exactly was Ripopo skydiving? And why was she running somewhere? Where was she running? Or was it a metaphor? Maybe there’ll be more footage from the PV on the album when it releases.

As for the song, NMB always seems to have great catchy summer tunes, and “Ibiza Girl” is no different. The shouts of “Go! Go! Ibiza! Ibiza Girl!” in the beginning already get the song on your mind, and the chorus is far from sub-par; it’s great for a summer song. I would even say this beats “Labrador Retriever“!

What are your thoughts on “Ibiza Girl”? Leave your comments about the song, PV or both down below!

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