It recently donned on me, a reason/solution to one of the problem areas of my life.

I have a tendency that people don’t get my humor. For some reason I come off as a little bit harsh, maybe a little dry too. It may not be just my humor, but also the way I present myself. Maybe it was the way I was brought up, also pieces of my personality. But for whatever reason, the signals are crossed.

Today, I’d like to offer the reason. As I learned in Linguistics, people are often drawn to what they are comfortable with. This also includes what they aspire to be like and people whom they admire. A person’s speech and accent will more often mimic their preferences rather than just their surroundings. As I was thinking today, I feel like some of that has seeped into my subconscious.

The last couple years, I’ve stopped watching TV altogether. The TV in my room isn’t even connected and all I use it for is video games and an occasional DVD. This does not mean I haven’t been watching shows. The TV programs have just been replaced with Anime, and J-Dramas, and Jpop Promotional Videos.

I realize that it’s a rather convenient to blame my own social problems on “TV,”  but I do feel at least some of my humor is lost in the mix. Just like if you told a knock knock joke in Japan, the translation and pacing wouldn’t be successful.

I thought this would be a good time to find out. Go to Japan and see how the country actually works. Spend some times trying to fit in. I’ve always wanted to live there but with all my priorities here, I couldn’t move there anytime soon. So maybe a long/short stay would be better suited. So to let you guys know, I’m leaving for Japan in January. I’ll quit my job in the States and I’ll be gone for about two and a half months. I came across an opportunity to stay in the countryside in Japan with a friend so it was one of those things I had to take. 4Player Podcast will still go on in my absence. Nick and Brad will do the show as normal and we plan to have me call in through Skype along with Travis or Joseph. I’ll still be playing games, although currently the plans are just for handhelds. I’ll still have access to the blog. And we will just have to see where we can go from there.

Thanks to you guys who read this blog. I enjoy posting here and writing when I can. I am currently working to make it into the JapanCast Academy and make it a more relevant site. Check back soon as I think it will be pretty soon.

Thanks again,

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