Results of Recent Scandals Addressed

Togasaki said there would be news as to what would happen in light of the scandals involving Oba Mina and Mori Anna early this September, and the word is in.

Oba Mina, accused with having a personal blog with details about drinking when underage and possibly compensated dating(enjo kousai), and general negativity, has had her position as Team 4 Captain taken away and is currently suspended. This would also mean, of course, that she will not be participating in the Janken Tournament coming up. It was also said that Oba had asked to be suspended and apologized to fans. I think it was both a pretty gracious and smart move by management to be able to keep her. I didn’t expect it to come to a neat conclusion.

What’s more surprising is that Mori Anna, who kept a personal blog that revealed a past boyfriend she may still be in contact with and interested in, resigned from AKB. Other outside factors seem to have played into this decision, as it had to do with a back problem she had been dealing with for a while. I suppose she took this event as a sign to call it quits. Producer Akimoto added that Mori Anna is welcome back if she recovers from her back and wants to continue with AKB activities.

NMB’s Shimada Rena, who got a lot of heat for having purikura pictures leaked of her with a past boyfriend, has asked for a suspension as well. This also means that she will not be participating in the Janken Tournament like Oba Mina.

So in the end we get a couple of suspensions, a resignation, and empty slots in the Janken Tournament. I personally think it was dealt with quickly and neatly, with full acknowledgment and respect towards the members and fans.


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  1. So I wonder if they are going to choose 2 replacements for the the spots opened in the Janken now. Well Im ok with Oba getting suspended since the punishment could have been worse. I guess the next captain will probably be Shimada Haruka which probably should have been in the first place imo.

    • Shimada Haruka ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ɐʞnɹɐɥ ɐpɐɯıɥs

      Takeuchi Miyu ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

      I would very much like for Takeuchi Miyu to be the new captain for team 4.

  2. Well, that was relatively simple and straight forward. I’m glad that management appear to have had the sense to keep Oba around even if recovering from this scandal will take an incredible amount of effort on her part.

    Mori Anna stepping down due to health reasons (assuming that is the case) is fair enough. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to perform with back problems so I’m sure her body will thank her for it later in life.

    I still don’t see what Shimada Rena has to answer for if those pictures and relationship occurred before she was in NMB. I guess taking a suspension is her way of apologising so if it makes her and everyone else feel better about the situation then I suppose that’s fine too.

    AKS are really on the ball when it comes to stuff like this which I guess is the sign of a good production company. I think they handled this particular bit of bad press really well.

    • You’re right, shimada shouldn’t answer to anyone for having a relationship that she no longer has. Especially since it was prior to her acceptance into nmb. I think tabloids were just trying to milk the real issues at hand by throwing rena into the mix for good measure. Yossie from momusu was in a similar situation, but it never really blew up like this.

      • It just doesn’t seem fair to drag her into it. No one can see the future (despite what some people might claim) so it’s not like she knew she was going to get into NMB at the time her relationship happened. I mean, does that mean that all girls that think they even have a slim chance of becoming an idol have to swear off relationships until their mid to late twenties or risk ruining their potential career?

        The whole thing just seems absurd to me.

  3. Well lets start with Nanchan, I allways feel sad that an injury forces an indol to retire, leave the industry, what hass made it worse for this poor girl is of course the scandal she had over her as well. I personally hope she can get this problem sorted out and maybe take Aki-P up on his offer, though this probably wont happen…..

    Shimada Rena, well I kinda feel that maybe her incidents may well have blow over if not for the other scandal meaning that she had to be ‘dealt’ with too, a suspention then for her, too keep her away from ptying eyes for a while

    Minarun, well, I think we all new that the capatancy was gone with this scandal, there was not way I feel she could of kept it, even more so when you consider Sayaka’s example durin her scandal, I’m fine with the suspention her as it shows that management will probably bring her back, rather than leaving her out in the cold (same thing for Shimada Rena) if Minarun can really recover though…….

  4. Thank you for the update, Dae. Much respect for Oba Mina. Things turned out exactly as I had hoped. She owned up to her responsibilities and asked for the suspension herself. Things could have gone downhill, fast. Instead, she handled the scandal in a mature manner without escalating the issue further. I’m hoping that people will be able to see the sincerity in her remorse and hopefully, Oba will return as captain of Team 4 in the future. Her maturity throughout this entire scandal demonstrates how level headed she is, which is something that I’ve always admired about her. Glad to hear that she’s still with akb. I don’t ever want to see potentially great idols fall by the wayside, never to be heard from again.

  5. Well that ended quite nicely.

  6. I got to say, I’m proud of Oba Mina. I’m a little surpized at Mori Anna, hope she makes a return if she wants to. And Shimada Rena, personally I don’t think she’s done anything wrong. It will be interesting to see how the open janken slots get dealt with.

  7. Ehhhh. So having a past boyfriend is against the rules? The one problem i see is the underage drinking, but the boyfriend part concerns me.~.

  8. That’s some shady stuff Mori Anna coincidentally having back problems right when she was in the middle of the scandal but I can’t say for certain that it is not true.

    But Oba Mina didn’t leave! I’m happy. I was just starting to like her when the scandals came out. She was very responsible for her problems just like how Sayaka did it. Now, all we have to do is wait for her to run a marathon…

    • It was known that she was having back problems before the scandal occurred, but it’s likely that the scandal finalized any wavering thoughts she might have had about leaving AKB.

  9. I really like the way they handled this situation, it seems like they found a good balance of what was good for the girls and what’s good for business.

    The thing that got to me about the Hello Project scandals was that they handled them very poorly, in that the punishments were not fair. For instance, Kago gets caught smoking and dating an old dude and she’s exiled from Hello Project forever. However, Tsuji gets pregnant and it’s all good…she can take a little time off then come back. What’s the deal with that? Also the rumors about Tanaka Reina being caught with guys and basically telling H!P that she’s fine with leaving the group, then they beg her to stay and the whole thing is hushed up. The whole thing reeks of inequity, favoritism, and just not applying the rules the same to everyone.

    So I defiantly have to hand it to AKB when it comes to the handling of this, maybe they learned from H!p’s mistakes…let’s hope they both have.

    • Kago committed a crime (underage smoking) with visual proof. Plans to make her rejoin H!P were arranged (she attended meetings for a CM contract among other things), but she didn’t learn from her mistakes during the house arrest and showed up in tabloids so they broke her contract. Kago Ai couldn’t maintain her idol image. After Kago was fired, Tsuji became a talento, not an idol anymore so those rules didn’t apply to her. She was about to turn 20 when her pregnancy+wedding was announced. She didn’t commit a crime and the “no relationship” clause wasn’t in her contract, obviously they had a different reaction to it. I’d say both cases were handled well. I haven’t heard of that Reina rumour, but the management didn’t react to it. Why should idol managements react to every single rumour? There is more proof with AKB members this time with blogs and purikura, and frankly in Minarun’s case, they’ve been very lenient. Maybe because there was no proof other than blog posts dating from 2009. I’m sure she would have gotten fired right away if she had taken a picture of herself drinking in the bathtub.

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