Results of Recent Scandals Addressed

Togasaki said there would be news as to what would happen in light of the scandals involving Oba Mina and Mori Anna early this September, and the word is in.

Oba Mina, accused with having a personal blog with details about drinking when underage and possibly compensated dating(enjo kousai), and general negativity, has had her position as Team 4 Captain taken away and is currently suspended. This would also mean, of course, that she will not be participating in the Janken Tournament coming up. It was also said that Oba had asked to be suspended and apologized to fans. I think it was both a pretty gracious and smart move by management to be able to keep her. I didn’t expect it to come to a neat conclusion.

What’s more surprising is that Mori Anna, who kept a personal blog that revealed a past boyfriend she may still be in contact with and interested in, resigned from AKB. Other outside factors seem to have played into this decision, as it had to do with a back problem she had been dealing with for a while. I suppose she took this event as a sign to call it quits. Producer Akimoto added that Mori Anna is welcome back if she recovers from her back and wants to continue with AKB activities.

NMB’s Shimada Rena, who got a lot of heat for having purikura pictures leaked of her with a past boyfriend, has asked for a suspension as well. This also means that she will not be participating in the Janken Tournament like Oba Mina.

So in the end we get a couple of suspensions, a resignation, and empty slots in the Janken Tournament. I personally think it was dealt with quickly and neatly, with full acknowledgment and respect towards the members and fans.


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