Resistance to Change

Recently I’ve had a hard time connecting with the weekly show AKBingo. I’ve haven’t been as interested and I’ve come to a hypothesis on why. More and more new members are being featured and it’s becoming less likely that I’ll see one of my favorite undercard members on the show. I’ll never understand why Kobayashi Kana and Masuda Yuka are always absent. Is it because their busy with other things? Does management think they’re a lost cause? Is management just trying to move forward trying to find the next big thing?

It’s a slippery slope. If you tinker with a proven formula, you may end up messing up something that was great. We’ve already seen Maeda Atsuko become a consistently MIA member, with good reason. I’m sure she’s busy with other engagements and acting jobs, as well as time off. But Shinoda Mariko is becoming more and more scarce and I’m terrified of what will happen should Oshima, Itano, or Kashiwagi become more active somewhere else. It’d be fine if mid-tier members stepped up to fill the roles but who knows if that’s the case.

There’s no doubt that Yokoyama Yui is getting a push like never seen before. She’s barely a few months into her official AKB career and she’s constantly featured on shows, interviews, and is even part of the new unit Not Yet. Granted I’m not familiar with much of her research work, so maybe she put in a lot of time and effort to earn this push. The Producers have better concept of going on and I can only hope that they don’t forget about other members.

Change is a natural progression but so is a resistance to that change. I’m not so excited to see new AKB members taking up face time and I keep getting this feeling that they’re just too young to fill the roles. Comparatively, I’m not having this problem with a group like SKE because the members are pretty set, I’m just having to learn their names and their personalities. But as AKB enters another territory in their Idol History, I wonder how it will all turn out in the end. Will the inevitable graduation of the most popular members lead to a loss of interest in fans? Or will they find a way to inject new members and fill in the gaps like they’ve pretty successfully done so far?

I’ll breakdown my views of the new members tomorrow.


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  1. I have to agree with this overall, I would love to see more of the second-tier or middle-tier girls, like Nakaya Sayaka, and Kobayashi Kana, Masuda Yuka, Nakatsuka Tomomi, and the even less known members such as Nakata Chisato on Shuukan and AKBingo.

    concerning Yokoyama Yui, she has apparently been very active and helpful in practices, even helping Mariko learn the dances for some of the songs, so I think that has something to do with why she is getting pushed to much.

  2. Unfortunately due to the nature of Idol groups, change is a contant process that only producers have the final say in. Your absolutely right in questioning why Kobayashi et. all have not gotten the face time. They are deserving of it, but the producers have plan for them, good or bad, I’ve no idea. They know best who makes the dough for them and at the end of the day, it’s about the cash.

    At the same your worry for the newer girls being young is not necessarily a worry which I follow, remember, Acchan was once one of these green horns too! As were all the AKB girls when they had an original AKB launched. I would go as far as to say, that these girls these days are lucky to have experience ladies such as Mariko to fall back on for support in times of worry. They are well prepared for the spotlight, and ready to entertain us! Sumire Sato is a great example of that I think. She’s great on camera.

    TBH I’m a little relived to see some of the more well known faces moved off of AKB, as it does give time to girls which I have a core interest in knowing more about. Sashihara, Moeno, Komori, Kitahara, Ami Maeda, Uchida; these girls are what I really what I wanna see when I switch onto Akbingo.

    In an ideal world it would be set up that AKBingo was for the Major League, Shukan was for Minor League and Nemosu would be for the KK gals…but common sense would be asking too much :( Oh well, everyone knows it’s all about Fresh Lemons these days anyway :)

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