Quick how to do wotagei to Fujimoto Miki’s Romantic Ukare Mode

Hey guys it’s me Missing “But I’m Actually Here” Kenneth and I present to you a quick and dirty tutorial on how to do the special chants and wotagei to one of the most iconic idol songs, “Romantic Ukare Mode” by Fujimoto Miki.

One thing to take note is that the Romance performed here as is mentioned in the video, you can freestyle at the part where you say “Say Fujimoto Miki!”.

I’d like to do this with fellow idol comrades at the upcoming Japan Day. Unfortunately, I was not able to go into detail of the wotagei moves in this video and I put more emphasis on what the chants were because you can sort of just figure out the moves from other videos, but with the chants you would have to know how to read Japanese to get it down. I plan to touch back on this topic in general so stay tuned!

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