PV: no3b single, kimishika

as far as AKB subunits go, ‘no3b'(aka ‘no sleeves’) takes the cake.  while the successful subgroup ‘watarirouka hashiritai’ capitalizes on youthful exuberance, ‘no3b’ goes the mature route, with each single dabbling in a different genre.

the group consisting of three powerhouse AKB members (kojima haruna, takahashi minami, minegishi minami), their songs appeal to a wider audience than just niche idol gurus, which provides a fresh look at these members’ musical talent and  their latest single, ‘kimishika’, is evidence of that.  while it’s not a heart-pumping, energetic song, the melody finds its place in your head to play over and over again.

the amount of restraint in no3b’s PVs is something i’ve always appreciated.  the simplicity of their PVs reflect the clean music and great vocals, never sounding overproduced.  i can always count on no3b to provide clean, melodic pop :

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