Pop Analysis: Why I Like This Stuff.

I hope I never tire of this, the J-Pop Idol Genre. I hope I never out grow it. And I hope I’m never in a situation where I have to choose between two loves of my life. While I know part of this decision is in my own hands, there will always be outside factors. Who knows in five years, maybe I’ll have a family. My priorities may have to shift in order to be a responsible parent and at that time I might not care that I don’t have time for Idols.

But for now, I know it may seem odd why someone who is well past his teens is still interested in music sung by people in their teens. There are some logical conclusions I’ve come across over the course of my fandom. Here’s a quick rundown on a few.

The Potential of Youth
As we grow older, we begin to look back on our lives and realize that a lot of our youth was wasted. Either by not studying or hanging out with friends too much. It’s not really our fault as at the time, we were never able understand the severity of the situation. I’m fairly confident that this effect happens to most of us.

The fascinating thing about Idols is that their careers are based completely during the time of their youth. They have but a flicker to become something in hopes that it will carry on to their mid-twenties. There’s a maturity seen in these adolescents, sacrificing free time for practices, promotions, and performances. All hopes of becoming more popular and further loss of free time. There’s also a sacrificing of relationships. We’re all aware that Love is forbidden, and for those who actually abide by the rule, I can only feel bad that their missing out on a life experience.

Young Love
I don’t know about you guys, but I was a total spaz when I was a kid. I was kind of a shy kid and I never did confess to the girl I liked. I always had problems talking to her and eventually the time passed. I started seeing other people even though she and I were always in the same classes together. We were even on the tennis team together and went to the same college but I never asked her out. Is it a regret? Kinda. But that was the person I was back then. Had I not experienced that, I never would have become who I am now.

I think that’s another theme that always comes up. Your first crush. Your first break up. Your first rejection. And the time before all that, when there was someone you couldn’t stop thinking about.

You like cats? I like Idols.
I like cute things. Honest to god. I know that on the exterior I’m a 6′ 2″ 220 lb man. But inside, sometimes I feel like a 12-year-old kid. I don’t know why this is, but I’ve made it a point to never limit myself on the things I like. So in the same way people like small animals and babies, I feel the same way about Idols. You don’t see kids growing up and then thinking, cats are ugly. Barring some sort of traumatic event, they continue liking cats and cats doing cute things. I think that’s the reason I like Idols. I will always appreciate the youthful smile of someone starting their career and struggling to find their place in the world. It’s a universal feeling that I still experience to this day.

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  1. Awesome post! Feeling old sucks when you’re in your 20s–that’s the only downside of being an idol fan :P

  2. Hell fucking yeah. This was post of the year for me. Best read I’ve had in awhile. I feel ya on every level on this one. Good job.

    And I’m 6″1 and like 240, I still like cute stuff. Damn proud of it. Don’t care who gives me second looks cause I pull out a pink PSP or pink keitai in public. Shit…

    This entry assured me I’m not alone on so many levels. Way of thinking, etc.. even though I already knew that from following NSK so long, but now.. its reassurance. I got really emo when I read that one line of wasted youth…

    god dont say that around me. Lived a full youthfull life but still feel the need to live vicariously through idols. I feel they capture youth so people who’ve aged past it, can always go back and pay it a visit again. Its really fucking beautiful thing.

    To NSK, To the new year~

  3. Potential of Youth: THIS. SO MUCH. It’s not all about lust, and not even necessarily a protective affection. It’s the fascination with how ordinary girls can become extraordinary, by external and/or internal means. And because of their image as ordinary girls, the subconscious fascination with the line between celebrities and “civilians.” How thin is that line, really? At what point do I diverge from this girl in our fates, and is it due to some circumstance or some fundamental difference in character between me and her?

  4. “You like cats? I like idols” …Hilarious!!

    Personally, I started to like idols when I decided that life was too short to listen to depressing music all the time (as was my previous habit).

    There seems to be a lot of introspection lately on the nature of idol worship. I think we are all old enough to know that this too shall pass. I just wonder what shape of my own personal devolution will take. Or to put it in plain English, “when and why will I stop loving idols?”

    Personally, I hope not for a while.

  5. I totally agree with everything you said but it’s actually from a different perspective since I’m actually the same age as most of these idols.

    As I watch these idols make the best use of these times, it inspires to work hard towards my goals and my skills. This is especially apparent when I see the idols that are doubling up their work load by being an idol AND a student.

    And the young love is something I can really relate to. I feel like all the songs about young unrequited love is really relevant to the feelings and emotions I feel now. It’s just nice to have music that I can relate too. Western music has so little songs focusing on the kind of young love that idol songs are all about.

    AND DAMN. I LOVE HOW CUTE THESE GIRLS ARE. I give off a serious persona and I’m a tall, hefty black guy but I love how amazingly cute the girls, the music and the dancing is.

    I must note I just love the happiness and the energy I can get from idols. If I’m in a bad mood, I can completely count on idols to bring me up

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