persona team enters the next world

i’m currently playing persona 4 and it’s among the most satisfying traditional JPRGs i’ve played in years.

playing it in all of its SD glory, i couldn’t help but wonder how great it would have looked without graphic or space restraints of the PS2.  when the publisher and developer ATLUS announced a new game from the persona creators for the PS3 and 360, persona 5 was undoubtedly on everyone’s mind.  imagine the surprise when the persona team switched it up and showed everyone this:

man, i can’t wait to get my hands on Catherine(…the game).

not only is it not persona, it’s not even an RPG.  ATLUS has revealed that Catherine will be an action adventure game.  it’s hard to tell this early if the shin megami tensei fans are happy, angry or confused, but i’m excited.  ATLUS hasn’t let us down yet on the current gen console, having published Demon’s Souls and 3D Dot Game Heroes, and have a solid library of SMT and Persona games that they have developed themselves.

the art direction, style and mood is still there from the persona and other recent shin megami tensei games, but departing from the usual highschool setting and teenagers to a more adult world.

personally, i don’t know if i’ll ever get sick of playing japanese games in a highschool setting, but having a significantly older protagonist is fresh, exciting new ground for the team.  awkward teenage love, school field trips, naive love triangles and schoolgirls are gone, but it lets the persona team use their other muscles to bring new material to the table.  some things stay the same though; the game looks surreal, beautiful, dramatic, and absurd.  just how i like ’em.

the icing on the cake?  Studio 4°C, one of the top animation studios in japan responsible for films like tekkon kinkreet and mindgame, is involved in making the animated sequences for Catherine.  i’ll be scouring for as much information about this game as i can until it’s release.  the only game i’m more excited for than this is The Last Guardian.

how long are you going to make me WAIT?!

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