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The Tale of Sashihara, a Scandal, and HKT48

I’m going to spoil the ending of this story for you: Sashihara is going to HKT48! Well, that is what Aki-P(producer) says he believes anyway, so he will be transferring the highly ranked front-line girl, Sashihara Rino, to help bring HKT up to snuff. We’ve been thrown similar curveballs before(Matsui …

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Two Scandals with One Stone

Yonezawa Rumi’s personal twitter account was exposed, which led to her yfrog(image hosting service), holding many pictures with her and Hirajima Natsumi that implied them having relationships. Her mixi account was also revealed, talking about having had a 4 year relationship while in AKB, and openly expressing that she was …

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Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #147 (08.10.2011)

08.03.2011 – AKBINGO! #147 [Link] Sada screams, “Time Pressure Burger Battle Shop!!!”, kicking off this week’s ‘AKBINGO!’ episode. These burger-themed word games based on Taboo and Pictionary are always fun, and reveal how each member handles the pressure. The orange Boss-burger Team consists of Kasai Tomomi, Shimada Haruka, Iwasa Misaki, …

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