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Idols, a history

So recently I’ve been getting into a lot of arguments over how and why promoting or pushing the lesser known or lower popularity members of an idol group is difficult or as some would like us to believe, impossible. I don’t agree with this so I’m going to be writing …

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NMB48: Taking it to the Top

Osaka based idol group NMB48 are widely considered to be one of the better idol groups currently active in Japan today. However, is there a case to be made that they might just be the best? I think there might be and over the course of this article I’ll be …

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Request Set List 2013 Song List

So I didn’t see this up anywhere. For those interested in the 2013 Request Set List so far here it is. Credit to Tsurugi_Ken of Hello!Online for typing this all up. For the full list along with members details click here. 100 位:「Gomen ne、SUMMER」 SKE48 3rd *99位:「Boku no YELL」 AKB48 …

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