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Impressions: BiSimulation

Brand-new Idol Society are set to release their next single “BiSimulation” on March 13th and the PV for the song just recently came out. Join Garry as he shares his initial impressions.  

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Description 5 consecutive CD releases were No. 1 on Oricon Daily, and Single “Brand New Parade” was No. 1 on LINE MUSIC Daily! The 10-person idol group “GANG PARADE” is active based on the concept of “Playground for Everyone”. The first major 1st full AL with a new system of …

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sora tob sakana – alight ep (1st Major EP)

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Sora tob sakana, a group whose popularity is rising rapidly not only from the idle neighborhood but also from rock band fans, music and other sensitive groups about cultures etc Major debut! The first development of the major development of the 4-person girls group “sora tob sakana” (known as Osakana) …

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Compilation album from WACK (BiS, BiSH, Gang Parade, EMPiRE) and the SCRAMBLES production team (e.g. Watanabe Junnosuke). Featuring songs from the current WACK roster and SCRAMBLES performed by shuffle units (see track list below). A DVD features promotional videos for “Spark” and “WACK is FXXK”.   CD Track List 01. …

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Yoshi’s Monthly Highlights: January 2016

Welcome to my new feature where I highlight idol releases that I enjoyed in a given month because why highlight stuff you don’t like, right? In this feature, what I talk about doesn’t have to be a single. It can be an a-side, b-side, album song, etc. I could even …

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