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CHAI – PUNK (2nd Album)

In the Miracle twin mana · kana, four people formed in the strongest rhythm team of Yuuki and Yuna, “NEO – New Excite Onna band”, that is CHAI. In 2018, the 1st album won the CD shop prize prize, appeared in the music station, appeared in more than 30 festivals, …

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Mi☆nA – Koi no magic number (3rd Single)

Content introduction Sweet and sour, dance number of “Mina” who drew a summer love Listen to the sweet singing voice of those who have become a little bit tight! To a number of idols, Mr. Hirohiro Tsukuda’s dance number which is funky and nourished songs are offered! Please sing a …

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Nogizaka46 – Kaerimichi wa Tomawari Shitakunaru (22nd Single)

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22nd single !! Nishino Nanase graduation will celebrate. This summer, Nogizaka 46 who finished “A Midsummer National Tour” around the nation’s dome · outdoor stadium, starting with the unprecedented two venues simultaneously at the Meiji Jingu Stadium, Chichibu Rugby Field. The third work in 2018, the 22nd single will be …

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monogatari – Mōikkai kimi ni suki to ienai (10th Single)

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This summer’s killer tune! Monoga, New Single! “Monogatari”, commonly known as monoga. Average age 15 years old. “Monogatari free five big cities one-man tour 2018 – Eh? Mongha is casual!” Finished the whole schedule. In the final Tokyo performance (Shibuya WWW X), “monogatari” concluded the tour with overcrowding enough to …

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