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Makino Nagisa from Star☆T – STORY (1st Single)

愛知県豊田ご当地アイドルStar☆T(スタート)から初、牧野凪紗のソロシングルが発売。1950年代アメリカンオールディーズをほうふつとさせるダンスポップナンバーのリード曲「ストーリー」をはじめ、ボーカリスト牧野凪紗の魅力を楽しめるバラエティの富んだ楽曲を収録。 (C)RS Aichi prefecture Toyoda local idol Star ☆ T (start) from the first, Makino Nagisa’s solo single released. Including the lead song “Story” of the dance pop number which makes the American Oldies in the 1950s a daft, it contains a variety of songs that can enjoy the charm …

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New PV Alert: BAND-MAID – start over

The latest promotional video for the maid themed all-girl band starts with a ruined apartment and a distraught blonde begging you to ask the question “what the hell happened here?”. The piano strains that start “start over” signal something a bit more downturned for BAND-MAID. True to those premonitions “start …

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BAND-MAID – start over (3rd Single)

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Original full album “WORLD DOMINATION” enters the first Oricon Top 10 BAND-MAID played. While overseas tours are rising in both name recognition and proficiency, it becomes a whole single. The video recorded on the first production limited edition is BAND-MAID’s first recording, full of live video It will be gorgeous …

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Perfume – Future Pop (7th Album)

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Perfume new album release decision. NEW ALBUM “Future Pop” after the previous work “COSMIC EXPLORER” for the first time in about two years is the seventh total as the original album, including the single song “TOKYO GIRL”, “If you wanna”, “Mugen unlimited” , Coupling song used in CM, and a …

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