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New PV Alert: BiS – DiPROMiSE

When I realized what I would be seeing here in the new BiS promotional video, I was struck by the nostalgia bug. Founding member is set to leave BiS probably for the last time, and “DiPROMiSE” provides a look back at her tenure. Going back to the very beginning, Pour …

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IDOL is DEAD “in Tokyo, Akasaka BLITZ (present: Minavi BLITZ Akasaka) in October 2017, Japan Crown BiS announced to make a major debut from the lock label “CROWN STONES” inside. Such BiS releases long-awaited re-major first singles on March 7, 2018 (Wed). This work will be single A side single, …

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BiSH – PAiNT iT BLACK (3rd Single)

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BiSH brings the third single from a major label featuring an intro theme of anime series “Black Clover Season 2.” Bonus DVD features excerpts from the concert “The Keyakizaka GUERRiLLA BiSH” (six tracks / subject to change), music video(s), and making-of (subject to change). Bonus Blu-ray features excerpts from the …

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New PV Alert: BiSH – JAM

Your new promotional video from BiSH is all sorts of sweetness: no one is set on fire, no one is sprayed with refuse, and there’s definitely no homicide. The concept is pretty simple: the members of BiSH sent out into the wild to meet one person they admire. You have …

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New PV Alert: BiSH – My Landscape

Arguably the most hyped name around the idol community in the last year has been BiSH. With their talented vocals and anything goes/devil may care performances and songs, it’s easy to see why the group stands among the giants. “My Landscape” is choreographed by member Aina The End. The gorgeously …

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