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Kamiyado – CONVERSATION FANCY (4th Single)

From Harajuku! 5-person idol unit · New single in Shinjuku! Major karaoke chain BIG ECHO “Party course” supporting song ■ 5-person group idol group continuing activities based on Harajuku since its formation in 2014 · Kabuki released a new single! ■ The title song “CONVERSATION FANCY” follows the previous single …

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At last, we get the promotional video from the lead track from the new GANG PARADE album. “LAST” features songwriting and composition from the Watanabe Junnosuke / Matsukuma Kenta team that’s pretty much synonymous with WACK. The rock arrangement agrees very much with its pedigree with a booming bass guitar …

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Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – MUSiC (5th Album)

Since its formation in August 2009, it is the first installment commemorating the 10th anniversary of shrimp in shrimp who has seriously faced and has continued to grow. Masataka Omori (Mrs. GLEEN APPLE), Okazaki Physical Education, Yoshiro Yoshizawa et al., Unique luxury artists join in songwriting. Continuing sweeping in all …

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