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New PV Alert: amiinA – Caravan

Forcing myself to rid Duke Ellington from my head, we get “Caravan” from the duo amiinA. Ami and Miyu deliver to us this quickly paced jig of a song complete with banjos and penny whistles like a Japanese filtered version of Flogging Molly. Backed by an ample band, amiinA dance …

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New PV Alert: NEO JAPONISM – Carry ON

A breakneck beat rules the airwaves on the new promotional video from NEO JAPONISM. The aggressively uptempo “Carry ON” plays with d-tuned guitars playing rhythm that keeps pace with the drummer who must be sweating somewhere in the back of the studio. The lack of electro-gimmicks makes the song sound …

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New PV Alert: Dream Ami – NEXT

Dream Ami’s next single puts the former E-girl and Dream member in the midst of more movie soundtracks. “NEXT” is the theme for “Next Robo”, and Netflix animation release. Intercut with footage from the animation of the girl and her robot, we get Ami in a studio apartment setting with …

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