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What I'm Listening To…HALCALI

[youtube=] I also discovered this group because of Naruto. It’s a damn good song if you can find the lyrics. Jeez this part in Naruto was awesome. You should watch it if you haven’t. David

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What I'm Listening To…Inoue Joe

[youtube=] I went back and started reading and watching Naruto. I totally caught up and current with the Manga. In watching the anime, I found this song as the 4th opening. He’s pretty talented as he plays all three instruments. I love the opening and the song. I’m not sure …

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What I'm Listening To…SCANDAL

[youtube=] I really started liking this band, not just because they’re a bunch of girls in school uniforms. I’ve found their mini-album and really am inenjoying it. Try Space Ranger if you’re interested. David

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