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New PV Alert: RUN GIRLS RUN! – Diamond smile

The girls of RUN GIRLS, RUN! have a plan to shape things up in their latest single “Diamond smile (ダイヤモンドスマイル)”. The new opening theme to the TV anime “Kiratsu Purichan second season (キラッとプリ☆チャン)” , whose franchise has also had Wa-Suta on their soundtrack, get an appropriately peppy song to add …

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New PV Alert: ANGERME – Dreamed for 15 years

The journey that started with “Yumemiru 15” ends with “Yumemita 15 (夢見た 15年)” and perhaps the most significant Hello! Project graduation since C-ute. Given the English title “Dreamed for 15 years”, the new ANGERME song fills itself with memories of the Hello! Project leader’s tenure in the projects. Lyrics by …

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ANGERME come to Mexico City!

Announced just hours ago, Hello! Project group ANGERME will be heading to Mexico City, MX for a concert date on September 7, 2019. The group will appear at the Sala Puebla for their first solo concert in North America. This venue looks to be the same venue as °C-ute’s previous …

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